FY20 Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP)
Sub-Grantee Resources

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Sub-grantee Orientation Materials

Below are materials covered in the August 5th Sub-grantee Orientation webinar. Please let us know if you need a link to the webinar recording or have any questions.

Training for Purchasing Under a FEMA Award

FEMA Training Opportunity: Purchasing Under a FEMA Award (PDF)
This FEMA training opportunity is specific to procurement under the Homeland Security Grant Program awards, including the Nonprofit Security Grant Program. Although most requirements are listed in the award agreements, it is highly recommended that a member of your staff that assists with procurement through the grants attends one of the virtual trainings. There are several dates to choose from to register for attendance. The first training starts December 1, 2020.

Free DHS Security Assessment

To schedule a free DHS Security Assessment for the 2021 grant, send an email request to Chuck Clanahan as soon as possible. Assessments must be scheduled in advance and the calendar fills up quickly. Note: There is no requirement to obtain an assessment from this source, however this is a free service and no pre-approval of funds may be obtained to pay for this activity while the free service is available.

Responses to Questions

In response to a question during the orientation about bonding, Lt. Cordner wanted to clarify the bonding requirements identified in the Code of Federal Regulation: § 200.325 Bonding Requirements

Contact Information
LT Edna Cordner
Kansas Highway Patrol
Office: (785) 296-2444
Cell: (785) 207-0423
Melanie Lawrence
Kansas Highway Patrol
Office: (785) 296-6654
Cell: (785) 256-5191
Connie Satzler
EnVisage Consulting
Cell: (785) 410-0410