FY21 Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP)

Thank you to everyone who submitted projects for the
FY 2020 Nonprofit Security Grant Program

Congratulations to those receiving FY20 funding! Those not awarded FY20 funding are encouraged to apply for the FY21 grant. Sub-grantees, click on the below button for resources and instructions related to grant and project management for the FY20 award.

Sub-Grantee Resources

You can start thinking of projects for the FY 2021 NSGP as it is expected to be similar to the FY 2020 NSGP. In particular we encourage you to begin your Vulnerability/Risk Assessment.

It is necessary to complete a Vulnerability/Risk Assessment to apply for FY 2021 NSGP funds. One or both of these methods are acceptable:

  • Conduct risk assessment through a free DHS Security Assessment, FEMA expert or local police or sheriff department (Preferred)
  • Minutes of security meetings detailing gaps and needs

To schedule a free DHS Security Assessment for the 2021 grant, send an email request to Chuck Clanahan as soon as possible. Assessments must be scheduled in advance and the calendar fills up quickly. Note: There is no requirement to obtain an assessment from this source, however this is a free service and no pre-approval of funds may be obtained to pay for this activity while the free service is available.

As you determine equipment needs for your FY21 submission, see the below list of authorized equipment for this grant program:

Participating non-profit organization's board, trustees, and/or leadership are encouraged to review the Sample NSGP Agreement Letter. If funding is awarded, a completed agreement letter is necessary for acceptance of NSGP funds.

Resources for the submission of FY 2020 NSGP applications are listed below for reference. We expect the FY 2021 application to be similar.

FY 2020 NSGP Overview (Updated: 4/6/2020)

FY 2020 NSGP Resources from DHS/FEMA

Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation

NSGP funds can be used for security-related activities, including planning, exercises, training, equipment, and maintenance and sustainment. The table below shows example project types that can be funded using this grant.

Priority Area Example Project Type
Enhancing the Protection of
Soft Targets/Crowded Places
  • Private security guards
  • Physical security enhancements
    • Security cameras (CCTV)
    • Security screening equipment for people and baggage
    • Access controls: Fencing, gates, barriers, etc.
  • Conduct or enhancement of security risk assessments
  • Development of:
    • Security plans and protocols
    • Emergency contingency plans
    • Evacuation/shelter in place plans
Training & Awareness
  • Active shooter training
  • Security training for employees
  • Public awareness/preparedness campaigns
  • Response exercises

Resources from past fiscal years

If you have questions about submitting an application for the FY21 grant, contact Lt. Edna Cordner at edna.cordner@ks.gov or Connie Satzler at csatzler@kansas.net.