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Featured and Upcoming Kansas Training Resources
  • CISA Active Shooter Preparedness Webinar (NEW)

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) is hosting a two-hour security webinar to enhance your organization's resilience in case of an active shooter incident. The objectives of this webinar are to:

    • Provide information about best practices, communication protocols, and resources that will assist stakeholders to develop or enhance their emergency planning, preparedness, and response to active shooter incidents.
    • Discuss the elements of active shooter incident response planning with guidance from expert instructors
    • Describe common behaviors, conditions and situations associated with active shooter events.
    • Discuss how to recognize potential workplace violence indicators


  • Kansas Nonprofit Security Grant (NSGP) Education Calls

    KHP hosted two educational sessions looking forward to the FY24 Nonprofit security grant. While the base presentations were identical, the attendee questions and discussion were different.

  • FEMA 2024 Procurement Under Grants Trainings

    For current NSGP subrecipients, FEMA's Grant Programs Directorate (GPD) is offering a series of one-hour trainings covering a variety of procurement under grant concepts, frequent compliance issues, and highlight a variety of user-friendly resources. For more information, and registration links, please review the document below, or view the FEMA Trainings section.

  • FY23 Subrecipient 9/15/23 Q&A Call

    KHP hosted a Teams meeting to help answer any initial questions that project managers may have. This training contained similar information to previous years, but included updated resources, which all project managers are encouraged to review.

Kansas Training Resources

  • Kansas Procurement, Reimbursement and EHP Technical Assistance:

    Lt. Edna Murphy and KHP hosted webinars with a focus on existing awardee project management, targeting help with Procurement, Reimbursement and Environmental (EHP) technical assistance. Recordings below.

    Training Materials
  • (3/10/23) Kansas Informational Webinar on FY23 NSGP Application (post-release)

    The below KHP webinar recording provides an overview of the NSGP eligibility, Investment Justification (IJ), and IJ scoring.

  • (1/13/23) Project Management Tutorial Webinar

    Funded Planning, Training, and Exercise activities need pre-approval and required documentation before they can be reimbursed. This KHP webinar recording is available for any project management leads, partners and even vendors currently working with you. For more information, see Lt. Edna Murphy's full email.

    This tutorial takes a look at collecting and organizing documentation and proper management of your project through close-out activities, including planning, training, exercise, equipment & accountability, management & administration (M&A), contracted security personnel, and records retention. All involved in managing your project should watch the recording.

  • (1/9/23) Kansas Informational Webinar on Risk Assessment Tool and NSGP Application (pre-release)

    The below KHP webinar recording provides an overview of the Risk Assessment Tool from special guest Chuck Clanahan (starting at 6:50 of the recording). While the webinar also provides an overview on the NSGP application process, refer to the (3/10/2023) Kansas Informational Webinar for the latest information.

Upcoming Federal FEMA Training

Kansas Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) Application Information: Click on the below button for information related to grant application guidleines and submission.

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Contact Information

If you have questions regarding any of the content on this page, feel free to contact

Lt. Edna Murphy, Melanie Lawrence, and the KHP Team at [email protected].

For questions regarding risk assessments, feel free to contact:

Chuck Clanahan (Kansas City KS/MO) at [email protected]

Tim Morgan (Kansas District) at [email protected]

You may also reach out to contracted staff support Connie Satzler.